Artist's Statement

Art and a connection to animals have been constants throughout my life, but fifteen years ago while bedridden and sick from chemotherapy I was compelled to bring them to the forefront. I co-founded a small animal advocacy organization, stumbled into the ugly world of industrial animal agriculture, and immediately began conducting investigations to understand what I was seeing. Exposing the extent of the horrors animals trapped in the system endure became my life's work.


While my investigative footage was largely successful in reaching Canadians, change wasn't coming soon enough for the animals. What I realized was that the very people who would empathize with the animals' suffering and take action were turning away from the graphic evidence before absorbing the message. I wondered if art, with its ability to be softer but equally as effective, could be the way to reach this group. I tentatively began releasing my paintings three years ago and the response has been heartening.


All of my work—investigative and artistic—seeks to challenge our basic beliefs about farmed animals and foster a sense of compassion for all animals.